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History of the Archive

Original Version

The Webcomics Project began in October 2004 as an event for the 6th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance. Originally just an idea for a cross over comic between Venus Envy (by Erin Lindsey) and Closetspace (by Jenn Dolari), it quickly expanded to nine comics in its first year, and to fourteen in 2005. The first version of this archive was created and hosted by Jenn Dolari from 2004 to 2010.

The years 2004-2008 had themes for contributions: That could have been...; Candlelight vigil by webcomic characters; Through a bigot's eyes; Telling a story; and One Word the Transgender Day of Remembrance Means to You. There was no official event for 2009, and 2010's theme was Coping.


Comic Dish Version

From 2011 to 2015 the archive was hosted by ComicDish and the custodian was Laura Seabrook (Laura Ess). The number of webcomic contriutions declined over this period, and the number from art sites increased. ComicDish was a free webcomic host and as I write (November 2016) is scheduled to close in February 2017.

Initially 2011 had an "Open" theme and thereafter the use of a theme was dropped.


Current Version

The current version of the archive is hosted by ComicFury, another free host of webcomics. It was created in November 2016 by Laura Seabrook, and is now managed by Elsie Broek.