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Resources & Credits

Credits & Resources

Remembering Our Dead
International Transgender Day of Remembrance

Some of the contributor links were correct when added, but have either changed or no longer exist. If you find that any of the links listed below to have been changed or broken, please contact the custodian with the details.

Contibutor Links


All listed by webcomic or cartoon name.

Art Communities

Contributions that have appeared on community art sites like Deviant Art, Sheezy Art, Fanart Central, et al (listed by user name).

Blogs & Journals

For contributions coming from a blog/journal, like Live Journal, Blogger, Open Salon, or Facebook. Contributions are listed by Blog/Journal Title or User name (whichever is more appropriate).

Memorial Sites

The following links go to pages that detail or commemorate those who have died.

In Memoriam (Grayce “Candace” Baxter);   The Lauryn Paige Fuller Story;   Fred C. Martinez Jr.;   Brandon Teena;   Marsha P. Johnson;   Robert Eads;  

Other Resources

The following links go to pages and resources relevant to the annual event.

Remembering Our Dead;   Transgender Day of Remembrance: Resources;   Transgender Day of Remembrance Online Art Vigil;   Transrespect vs Transphobia;   Trans Murder Monitoring Project;   Transgender_Day_of_Remembrance;   Transfaith TDOR Toolkit GLAAD: Transgender Day of Remembrance Resource Kit forJournalists;