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How an archive page is structured

Archive reformating and presentation of a contribution

It's impossible to recreate every contribution exactly in the manner it first appeared, because size of images, videos and web page layouts vary too much. Rather, the archive will present a version of the work that will fit the archive page format. The image below shows what an archive page might look:

Archive shows: (1) the year and source of the contribution; (2) the title of the contribution; (3) the contribution's image or video (if any); (4) and contribution's text (if any). Also note the standard copyright notice underneath this (5).

The year is always shown first, followed by a "key" and then the name of the source. The "key" is a code for the archive page. A - means that source name is either the name of the webcomic/journal/blog, or social media page that the work first appeared in. A ~ or * means that the source was Deviant Art and the source shows the username of the person who created that work (~ and * often appear at the start of DeviantArt user names); ^ refers to another art community site (such as Tumblr) and the name is the username of the contributor at that site; and # means that the source is the actual name of the contributor. For example, a listing of "2004 - Venus Envy" means that the contribution was for the 2004 TDOR (or about a murder/suicide for that year), and it came from a webcomic/journal/blog called Venus Envy.

In most cases, if a contribution has more than one image, then a seperate page is created for each image. Each page will have a number added to year/source text to indicate the order it should be read. If the above image for example were the first of three images from the same source, they would be listed as 2004 - Contributor 01, 2004 - Contributor 02, and 2004 - Contributor 03. Likewise, several unconnected pages from the same source for a year may also have a number added their source details, to easily identify them.

The optional title is added to reflect the original title of a work, where that is distinctive to the work and not redundant. For example a work with a title of "2004 TDOR" for the 2004 TDOR Webcomic Project doesn't need an extra title underneath the yeare/source, because that is implicit in being in the collection for that year.

If the image is larger than 850px wide, the custodian will scale the image down so that the width is exactly 850px wide. If you think this is too small for the image a link can always be added to the original work. Embedded videos can be resized using their embedding code and this will be done by the custodian. Images and videos with a width smaller than 850px will be left untouched!

The section underneath the image (if any) contains the text of the work, followed by extra notes about the creator and/or link to the original. Text can appear without any image, and the custodian will upload a dummy transparent image of 1px high to create the page for the text. All HTML formatting will be retained where possible. If you need something more specific than the standard copyright notice, it can be added at the bottom of this section.


Correcting Mistakes

If you see a mistake in your contribution, or the way in which it's presented, contact the custodian to have that corrected. Likewise if you see a work in the archives with an incorrect source, or incorrect copyright information (e.g. someone else has passed off your work as theirs) contact the custodian to have this corrected!