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Social Media Tagging

The Webcomic Project is all about publicising the Day of Remembrance and the issues surrounding that event. As such it's important to make sure that your contribution can be found!

If you are posting your contribution in a social network, or a blog/journal that uses or hashtags, or keywords, then add descriptive versions of these so that others using that social network or searching your blog can find these posts easily. A hashtag (as used in Twitter, Google+ and Facebook) is usually a hash symbol (#) followed by some text without spaces as a tag. For example, #transissues. Keywords (such as in LiveJournal) are sometimes separated by commas -- if so they may allow spaces or underscores. For example, trans issues. Here are my suggestions for hashtags relating to the Transgender Day of Remembrance:

#tdor[year] (e.g. #tdor2014)

For keywords that allow spaces...

transgender day of remembrance
tdor[year] (e.g. tdor2014)

...otherwise use the same as with hashtags, but without the hash symbol. If you can add more than one hashtag or keyword, add all of these, because Adding each of these to a post will help others find it, whether they're looking for a particular year, or in general. The full title and the abbreviation tdor are the most common search terms. These are just suggestions, but it makes good sense to be consistent. It would also be helpful to post a link in your post or article to the official Transgender Day of Remembrance page.